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A New Detailed Brain Map Reveals Hundred Of New Regions

And can be revolutionary in medicine, as the latest researches showed around a hundred previously uncovered regions of the brain. These news can actually change the understanding of our mind in general and can also be the first step to the new types of brain surgeries.

The new discovery happened while the team of neuroscientists, computer engineers and specialists were working on the detailed brain map of the most mysterious expanse between our ears . And while they have been making the map, they managed to discover around a hundred of previously unknown regions of organ’s wrinkly outer layer, which is mostly known as a gray matter. Now the map of the brain has 180 distinct areas in the brain’s cortex, which is as twice more as it was known before. Besides that, the researchers have developed a special software which can automatically detect fingerprints of every single area shown on the individual brain scan.

How exactly the map was done? The researchers used around 210 healthy adults both sexes and combined such measurements as thickness of the cortex, the amount of insulation around neuronal cables with MRI scans of the resting brain, while making such easy tasks , like reading or listening. By the end of the experiment, researches ended up with 180 area in each hemisphere and now they are not even sure that this is the final number.

But still many of the areas will stay hidden and will never be identified with a simple function, as they don’t do one thing only, but coordinate information from different signals. The brain researches have been done throughout the whole history and one of the best map known until now was published in 1909 by German Neurologist Korbinian Brodmann, who based his map on the discovery that different regions were made of different cell types. And this map has been used until now.

The new discovery added another hundred to the known before 83 regions and these researches will help the scientists to see and understand how each of the cortical areas is influencing certain types of behavior and genetic underpinnings.


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