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This Woman Became The Inspiration To Thousands In Colombia

This beautiful girl was born without legs and arms and these 25 years were a sort of a fight for her. Being the subject to sexual abuse, bullying and even suicide, she has lived it all through. Zuly Sanguino proved to everybody that she can stand these challenges no matter what, and now became a public speaker in order to show the others to overcome similar issues in life. Zuly says: “I don’t have any arms and legs, but I won’t let that hold me back”. No she is an inspiration to thousands of people in Columbia.

Zuly was born in Columbia with a rather rare condition, called Tetra-Amelia syndrome. It is a very rare genetic condition, which means that the limbs don’t develop properly in the womb. But her mother was the one to teach doing basic things, like making up the bed, brushing teeth, changing clothes and many more. She was her inspiration and thanks to mom she managed to become so strong.

Zuly has a big family, she is one of the six, having three brothers and two sisters, but none of them has the same condition.


It was rather tough to grow up, especially going to school. You know how cruel kids may be. But her family was the biggest support and now she is talking to kids who are bullied or have disabilities. She shows them that neither physical nor mental disabilities can’t stop you.

Zuly grew up without a father, as he committed suicide when she was just two. When she was a teenager she was raped which led her to think of making suicide. But thank God mom was there and saved her from the jump from the fourth floor. At the age of 18 Zuly went to art school and later on was asked to join the community to give talks.


Her confidence started to grew and she started to believe her mother’s words, that she is not different from the rest and can have a normal, happy life. Zuly started to date at the age of 19, when she overcame her sexual abuse and wants to get married and have kids one day as well. Now she behaves like a normal 25 year old girl, wearing make up, leading active life and she loves socializing and meeting her friends.

Zuly hopes to go with her speeches abroad and one day to open an orphanage.



source: dailymail

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