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This Small Girl Got A New Frozen-Themed Prosthetic And She Loves It

The happy girl in the picture is 9 year old Karissa Mitchell who unfortunately was born without a right hand. Recently the girl received a super gift from Siena College Students – a new prosthetic. But it is not a regular dull prosthetic you think of – but the ice arm with detachable Olaf leaf! The idea of creating such a unique model appeared as soon as the students found out that the favorite movie of a girl is Disney’s Frozen, so the students took the idea, and run the theme!


This is the same team that took part in creating Iron Man prosthetic designed by Pat Starace back in 2014 and this time the students run a- NABLE Program designed, assembled and 3D printed the prosthetic. Once mother found out about the Starace’s prosthetic she immediately asked if by any chance the team can help her out with creating something special for her daughter.
When the Mitchell got her super gift you could see on her face that she was pretty happy with it, one of the e-NABLE students, Alyx Gleason notes.

One more girl became happy thanks to such amazing teams!


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