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Luke Aikins Is The First Man To Jump 25, 000 ft From A Plane With No Parachute

And he did land safely. An American skydiver, Luke Atkins has completed the record and became the first man to jump 25000 feet from the plane in Simi Valley, California, without any parachute. He perfectly hit the 100 by 100 foot net , climb out and rushed to hug his son Logan along with a wife Monica, who has been watching this thrilling jump.


There were three other skydivers to assist him in such a jump. Aikins used an oxygen tank for the first 10, 000 feet, while one of the skydivers was the one to pick up the empty tank, and the other two were carrying a camera and trailed the smoke, so people could watch from the ground the exact location of the skydivers.

Eventually the three skydivers deployed their parachutes, while Aikins continued his free fall. The whole jump lasted around two minutes before he reached the net, and the landing was totally perfect, accompanied by the cheerful crowd.

The idea of making such a jump came to his friend Chris Talley, who believed that only Aikins has such a confidence to complete such a jump. But the skydiver turned down the idea by saying it is not for him, as he has a wife and a child, and it would be outrageous. But changed his mind couple of weeks before the jump and started to practice first with a parachute.

The first jump Aikins made when he was 12, and few years later he completed his solo jump. The whole family of the man used to be skydivers, so the son followed the tradition by making few hundreds of jumps each year. Even his wife Monica has in her collection 200 jumps.
Truly impressive record!


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