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Giant Pearl $100 Million Worth Was Kept As A Lucky Charm For Decade

In 2006, the un-named fisherman discovered an unusually large 34 kg pearl off the coast of Palawan Island in the Philippines. The man didn’t realised the $100 million pearl was so valuable and kept it for 10 years as his lucky charm in his wooden home.

When his wooden shack burned down, the man showed his pear to a stunned Filipino tourist officer. The fisherman was surprised to find out that it’s worth a hundred million dollars.


He noticed that it was lodged on a shell and swam down to pull up the anchor, and also brought the shell with him. This was a decade ago and he kept it at home,” announced Puerto Princesa City Tourism Officer Aileen Cynthia Amurao.


The world’s largest pearl prior to the discovery, the Pearl of Lao Tzu (previously known as the Pearl of Allah), was sold to an American by a tribal chief from the island of Palawan in 1939 and is valued at 26.6 million dollars; it only weighs 6.4 kg.

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