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French Teenager Becomes The First Female Baseball Player

A teenage girl from France, Melissa Mayeux can be actually technically recruited to play in the major league baseball in the US. The girl made a history by playing for the French U-18 junior national team and became the first female player who is now added to MLB’s international registration list.


Why is the girl so special? Just because she is extremely talented. Of course it will not happen soon that she is going to play in the major teams, but the first step is done: she has been recognized as a legitimate player.
Melissa is really willing to stay in France and play here baseball until she turns 18 and only after leave for University abroad, but baseball so far is the priority for the girl.


Melissa has been always playing with boys in the team and had never had a problem of integration and respect.
MLB director of International Game Development Mike McClellan says that she is always smooth and fluid in the field, she is fearless and swings the bat really good.

The girl also represented the senior national softball team of France. Even if she doesn’t sign with a professional baseball team she will definitely be able to play in any college in US!


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