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For One Day Paris Will Be Full Of Bicycles Instead Of Cars

The hectic city of Paris, which is always full of cars, for one day on September 25th will be totally free from industrial smoke and noisy cars. The second annual Journee Sans Voiture or Car Free Day will be hold from 11am-6pm, and all the streets along with boulevards will be totally open for bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards, which lets all visitors, tourists and locals wander around freely among famous French sightseeing places.


Non governmental organization Paris Sans Voiture – Collectif Citoyen is the one responsible for launching such an awesome event and now spanning 648.15 km which equals to 45% of metropolis. So basically each of the city’s 20 neighborhoods will be partially included. With the help of the police and other municipal staff members all major roads will be rendered.

The initiators explain the success of this projects by the fact that all people could enjoy peaceful and breathable city. It is one of those day when people could explore the city again and again.


The main goal is to show how important it is to use less cars and how many issues are caused by heavy traffic. Hopefully such an event will spread to other metropolitan cities, but so far let the Parisians and the tourists enjoy a perfect peaceful Paris with no cars.


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