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A Boy With Two Forms of Dwarfism Survived In Spite Of All Doctor’s Warnings

Laura and Nathan is a special couple. Both of them were born with their own forms of dwarfism. Mother has anachondaplasia, while father has pseudochondaplasia. But the two of them finally met and fell in love. The couple started to plan their wedding and very soon Laura found out she is pregnant. There was no other happier couple as them.
But after few  visits to doctor all the excitement has been switched to sadness, as their boy had both forms of his parent’s dwarfism. Doctor had nothing else left but to tell the truth and advise to abort the boy, as he was sure that the child with both forms of dwarfism would die in the next few hours after birth.


But the couple was still hoping and as soon as Laura saw the boy in the sonogram there was no doubt for her: she has to keep the child. They did manage and how big the surprise was when the boy survived those few hours after birth. Then it was few days, weeks, months and now he is living for couple of years already.
Nathan Jr is a bit small in stature, but he doesn’t give up at all. Couple has postponed their wedding date, and now they finally saw that their boy can be their little ring-bearer.

Of course the family will have their challenges in the future. But with such amount of love, support and confidence in themselves, there is no doubt they will manage to overcome all the obstacles. And who knows maybe in the nearest future, there are going to be more babies to come in this lovely family!



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