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A Modest Librarian Leaves His Savings Of $4 Million To School He Worked

Robert Morin, devoted librarian at the University of New Hampshire led a frugal and modest lifestyle, saved $4 million and since he didn’t have any family members all the money was left over to school to spend it wisely.

Edward Mullen, his financial adviser claimed he was a very unusual gentleman: he drove old car, didn’t eat fancy meals and spent all his feet time by reading books.

For nearly 50 years, Robert Morin, 77, worked as a cataloguer, which is basically someone who writes descriptions of new material coming into the library. When Morin died in March 2015, the university announced he left his estate to the school.

Morin was vert passionate about watching movies, and from 1979 to 1997 he watched more than 22,000 videos. later he switched his attentions to books and started reading, in chronological order, every book published in the USA from 1930 to 1940 except children’s books, textbooks, cooking books and book about technology. At the time of his death he had reached 1,938, the year of his birth.

“He was a very distinctive person, and actually a lot of people knew him just from seeing him on campus,” said Erika Mantz, university’s spokesman. “He smoked a pipe, and he was outside a lot in the courtyard in the front of the library, and he loved to talk to students. So he was very committed, and he talked quite a bit out in the courtyard with whoever, whatever students were around. And he was very committed to the student workers who worked in our main library. He talked with them quite a bit.”

Of the donated funds, $2.5 million will help launch an expanded and centrally located career center for students and alumni and $1 million will pay for a video scoreboard for the new football stadium because Morin was a huge fan of the sport.


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