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You Will Have To Look Twice At These Snaps

These strange pictures will really play a joke with you and will make you look one more time to make sure the shot is real. Photographer Geoffrey Baker, 57 got stunned for the first time when he checked the picture of the pony he just made – somehow the pony turned out to have double head!

While Miguel Margarido, 44 was taking pictures with friends at the Kruger Narional Park in South Africa, and his zebras appeared to be conjoined.

And the best shot of giraffe who chose the wrong moment to scratch his side and showed up in the picture with no head at all.


These series of pictures will bring a smile on your face:

How many double ponies have you seen in your life?


The camel lost his head somewhere in Rajasthan


One of the eagles seems to have lost something on the way.


The Canadian red-headed woodpecker will definitely belong to the rare species having two heads in one!


The penguin who hides his head like a turtle



One head is not enough, three are much better


Or the cheetah who has no clue where to go…


This two zebras stood absolutely perfectly, even the stripes match!


The giraffe from Botswana has a hard time deciding which direction to choose


Perfect picture – nobody can hide!




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