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You Will Have To Look Twice At These Pictures!

These visually distorted landscapes are a true manipulation of the artists and this  new trend of taking such pictures have influenced the whole generation of artists and photographers. They take an inspiration from the concept of warping the scene in such ways, that can’t be explained or defined by any of the physic laws, but still manage to remain rather photorealistic. Have a look at the world from different angle thanks to these artists:

Erik Johansson. Very creative approach from Swedish born artist, who unzips the glass landscapes and turns the cities upside down. His scenes are very realistic, which is the main purpose of the artist – to keep the scene as playful as they are impossible.

eric-johansson-3-644x430 erik-johansson-1 erik-johansson-2-644x364 erik-johansson-5-644x403
Pete Ulatan. His cubicle landscapes look like from another world. The way he folds and flips the cubes, creating 90 degrees angles make these pictures totally crazy. The artist got inspired by such movies as “Inception” and “Interstellar”.

distorted-landscapes-7-644x362 distorted-landscapes-6-644x644 distorted-landscapes-3-644x402 distorted-landscapes-2-644x644 distorted-landscapes-1-644x438
Aydin Buyuktas. The artist decided to turn Turkey totally upside down, especially the city of Istanbul. The familiar sites and landmarks are getting new shapes and slides. Such an effect is achieved by drone photography and 3d software.

distorted-turkey-1-644x601 distorted-landscape-6-644x1096 distorted-turkey-6-644x941 distorted-turkey-4-644x1060 distorted-turkey-3-644x1219 distorted-turkey-2-644x941
Black Sheep Park. How would you feel if you had a chance to ride around the city in the mystical rollercoaster without a track, ass if you are literally flying? Black Sheep Films created a small series of pictures and a video in Buenos Aires showing how fun would it be to fly around the famous architectural masterpieces.

inception-park-1-644x362 inception-park-2-644x373 inception-park-3-644x368
Kennedy Sitton. The artist came up with an idea to twist the architecture and here is what came out as a result. It feels like you fall into yourself and capture the moment of demolition. The artist says, it is really a great feeling when you can destroy the steel structures with one click of the mouse and with the second one create a new twisted version.

Screen-Shot-2016-07-31-at-7.26.27-PM-644x576 Screen-Shot-2016-07-31-at-7.26.13-PM-644x647 Screen-Shot-2016-07-31-at-7.25.44-PM-644x645


Simon Gardiner. The artist tuned the streets into endless tunnels, by creating such a votograph, which is an abstract form of photographing. Such an effect is achieved by making a picture of a scene through geometric arrangement of mirrors.

Laurent Rosset. These surrealistic landscapes are just a result of a slight shift in perspective drone shots, when two or three images are combined in order to create such a marvelous scene.

surreal-landscapes-rosset-3-644x483 surreal-landscapes-rosset-2-644x515 surreal-landsacpes-rosset-5-644x828surreal-landscapes-rosset-1-644x483

Robert Jahn. The works of this artist mix up the reality with futuristic elements. Such Venice you haven’t seen for sure!

surreal-scenes-2-644x644 surreal-scenes-1-644x644 surreal-scene-4-644x644surreal-scenes-3-644x644

Victor Enrich. One single building in Munich has undergone digital transformation 88 different ways in the hands of skillful artist.

distorted-munich-3-644x644 distorted-munich-2-644x644 distorted-munich-1-644x644

These landscapes play a hard game with our minds, and this is exactly what makes them so extraordinary.


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