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Would You Like To Take Selfie On Mars?

Photographer Julien Mauve created his own series of photos “Greetings from Mars”, which look exactly as if they were taken on the surface of Mars. This series were awarded the 2016 Sony World Photography Award for professional conceptual photography. How exactly the idea came to photographer? Julien was always fascinated with Mars, even since childhood and now all the news are talking about NASA and Spacex, space exploration and so more that it can’t be missed. Space has become the greatest adventure of the century, while earth on the contrary became small, as nowadays people can travel to almost every possible destination, which was not possible for example 50 years ago.


The pictures which resemble the selfies, the current obsession of most people is not intended to mock the society, but rather to observe people’s behavior. Julien really liked how people use the selfie sticks to take pictures and wanted to include these moments into his series of photographs.

The craziest thing about these pictures is that the landscape looks very similar to the Mars. How did Julien find it? Basically you just need rocks, sand, canyons and no evidence of life to recreate the same atmosphere. There are two places that might resemble Mars: Australia and the Wadi Rum in Jordan. Julien chose the Wild West as it offered much larger variety and easy to reach. Photographer did use post production tools to remove the plants and trees and used color calibration. And one more trick to add more reality – using footage from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Curiosity rover.

These pictures are one of the ways to show what people think our world might look in the future.



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