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What Happens When The Dancer’s Body Turns Off?

The photographer Nir Arieli did an incredible thing: he decided to capture the moment when the dancer’s body totally turns off and relaxes. We are used to see every muscle move, the tension, the limb – the unique ability of body control.


But Nir Arieli was interested in totally opposite state of dancer’s body. His photo series carry a name of “Flocks”, which in Hebrew (the native artist’s language) means “company”. The artists tries to find the similarities in the group of people who are passionate about dancing, the way their talent developed by nature and own will.

Nir thinks that dancing is a sort of individual species and the company is the place when they can get together to create, travel and master their performance. The artist was much interested in the distance and space between the individual and a group.

The photographs depict how the groups of dancers piles up on top of each other, like the leaves fall from the trees.
Nir was trying to give a visible idea to photographer of what he wanted to capture: the release of all body parts, letting them free. He didn’t control how the dancers should have formed the pile, he let them do it naturally.

The artist depicted such famous dancing troupes as Batsheva Dance, Shen Wei Dance Arts, Ballet Hispanico and many others.

Nir Arieli attempted to show the picture which is usually hidden from the audience, something that stays behind the scene.




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