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Water Life: Best Water-Themed Photography Ever

The online photography community, Photocrowd, in the latest competition Water life challenged participants to share images of people or animals using and enjoying water, whether for work, sport or pleasure.

The Water Life contest, supported by Digital Camera magazine, attracted more than 1,400 entries from around the world. The photographers can use different techniques to make the water come alive visually, such as backlighting, fill-flash or a slow exposure to blur its motion.

Here are best water themed photos.

_90849556_3-zayyarlinPhoto:Zay Yar Lin
_90849554_1-ianreidPhoto:Ian Reid
_90849557_4-terrywitterPhoto:Terry Witter


_90849555_2-nimaichandraghoshPhoto:Nimai Chandra Ghosh
_90849559_6-froiriveraPhoto:Froi Rivera
_90849560_7-somrajsahuPhoto:Somraj Sahu
_90849713_8-paulgaddPhoto:Paul Gadd
_90849714_9-erikschloglPhoto:Erik Schlogl
_90849715_12-philipjoycePhoto:Philip Joyce
_90849716_13-alechickmanPhoto:Alec Hickman


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    I am a person that has learned to do that, but occasionally I lose my way. I like the way you framed this up with the “inner goddess” analogy. Very well put.
    Your blog looks great and I am impressed at how quickly you got it up there.
    Styling Board

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