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Visual Symmetry in Dreamy Images of Sandrine Kerfante

French photo curator and blogger Sandrine Kerfante gathers images from photographers around the world in a striking celebration of visual symmetry. All these twins, reflections, doubles, duplicates, and pairings are brought together in dreamy images compiled by talented artist.

 Sandrine has had a lifelong passion for all things double: twins, duets, reflections and symmetry. Having studied art and fashion design at Duperre in Paris, assisted famed photographer William Klein and worked for numerous photo and illustration agencies in France, Sandrine has her finger on the pulse of contemporary art and photography.

In 2012, this captivation inspired her to create a blog called twin-niwt, which celebrates photographs of doubles in all their forms. A selection of Kerfante’s photographs is available in her book, Two of a Kind.






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All Images © Twin Niwt

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