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This Is How True Love Of Pizza Looks Like

These photos will warm the heart of those who are in love with pizza, the scent of fresh crusty dough, soft melting cheese and fresh tomato sauce. Photographer Chris Gampat expressed his vision of pizza love in the collection of photos called – “The Secret Order of the Slice”, even the title sounds tempting, right?


The series shows people or objects and their face expression when they open the box with pizza! The idea came to the artist while hanging out with his friendі last January, watching Adventure Time and of course eating pizza.


Photographer was carrying an idea for a year and a half without making a single a shot, but always carried his notebook where he made his sketches and wrote down ideas from time to time.


The project started to move when Chris was ready with his ideas and could start making the real photos.


The Secret Order of The Slice was made to show the genuine true happiness of many of us, when we open a box with pizza or go out, to show the feeling of pleasing our inner fat kid.




All Images via @ The Secret Order of the Slice

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