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The Winners of Atkins Ciwem Environmental Photographer Contest Of 2016 Revealed

The annual Atkins Ciwem Competition on environmental photography has presented its winners. The international competition is aimed to show the most provocative pictures and videos touching every segment of environmental issues and topics. From 10, 000 entries there have been only 60 chosen to be presented at the Royal Geographical Society in London from 29 June which is today up to 22 August.
Sara Lindstrom, Wildfire. The picture was made while the Swedish born photographer studied in South Africa. Having traveled around 50 different countries and visiting the most remote corners of the world, this image was taken in one of the sunniest days in Alberta in July, when she saw this huge amount of smoke coming up.

Luke Massey is a young man who dedicated his photography to the rare wildlife which are under the threat. The image is titled as Pose. Peregrines have started to nest in Chicago by themselves in 1980 after being extirpated from Illinois in 1960. Luke has followed one of the pais who chose the balcony to make their nest and have raised already four cute chicks.

The Indian photojournalist SL Kumar Shanth, Losing Ground to Man Made Disaster. The image shows a huge damage located on the coastline of Chennai, the biggest metropolis.


Sandra Hoyn, Life Jackets on the Greek island of Lesbos. The German photographer focuses her attention on social and human right issues. This touching pictures presents the left life jackets from refugees coming to Greece from Turkey.

Pedram Yazdani, Sand. The picture shows the salt lake Urmia, located in Iran and which soon unfortunately dry out due to both climate change and the local damage caused by constructions.

Pooyan Shadpoor, Houcheraghi. The shining plankton is no longer found only on the coasts of Maldives but also on the lake of Larak, Iran.

Jonathan Fontaine. The baby on top of the camel together with belongings are moving their camp in order to be closer to water in Ethiopia. The country suffers from the worst drought in the last fifty years and is nothing else but a result of El Nino. There was 75% of the harvest lost and now 10-15 million of people require assistance and help.

Moni Sankar. The cowboy in West Bengal India is trying to bring the animal back to shelter to protect from the bad weather.

Steve Morgan. The flood in Western Yorkshire hitting the city on the Boxing Day early in the morning.

Bjorn Vaughn. The picture shows a builder in Indonesia, Palangkaraya. All the construction has been stopped due to the peat fires covering the region in a toxic smog. The man is throwing his net into the polluted waters to catch at least a dirty fish.

Emanuele Giovagnoli, The Yasuni National Park features oil pipes running around the area pumping the oil from stations to oil developments.

Cesar Rodriguez. The 50 year old man, Artemio is applying pesticides on the tobacco field in Mexico. Normally these pesticides if absorbed by the body can bring a big harm to his health, leading to death. Such chemicals are prohibited but not here.

Stuart Gleave. The solar panels can be found on the coast of Tenerife’s coast.

Yuan Liu. Two men trying to fish in the pond of Xian village, which is actually the center of Guangzhou city and is a bright example of China’s modern urbanization.



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