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The Cinderella Photo Series Show How Cool Traveling Solo Is

Many people are concerned about traveling on their own, either cause of the fear to be alone or they may think such traveling is not fun at all. These series of photos are taken by Christy Woodrow who has spent last six months traveling alone with a Cinderella dress, and look what she’s got? Magical pictures in fairy tale like locations!


The traveler admits that even after ten years of traveling alone she feels kind of nervous before the next solo trip, but the fear doesn’t stop her at all! The blogger and traveler believes that you shouldn’t stop in life just because something scares you.

Christy Woodrow at
This impressive collection of pictures was done by Christy to inspire people who are afraid to explore the world by themselves. Christie has been running her own travel blog since 2010, and has few tips and advices for the solo travelers:

1. Try to blend in in order not to stand out among the crowd. Do a bit of research of the country you head to and dress up accordingly. If you get lost – don’t take out the map in the middle of the road, just stay in the corner and do a fast look.
2. Stay in touch with people from home. A very important thing, somebody from home should have your itinerary, phone, hotel information, everything in case of emergency. And don’t forget to check in with your family while being away.
3. Drink safely.
4. Keep your docs and other valuable stuff close. Christie says that she has a copy of her docs in the Dropbox, in case she needs them she can always access them on the phone, plus a paper copy in her bag.
5. No panic in case plan changes. Traveling is always about chaos and complicated things. You can’t predict it, there might be plane delay or change or you can get lost in the streets. Don’t panic just move on.
6. Travel insurance. Most of the people are aware of having insurance at home and it works the same way while traveling. Cause in case you end up in emergency situation, it could save you a fortune!

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you will spend whole trip by yourself, Christie found out that other travelers find it easier to approach a solo traveler than a group, so you can easily make new friends!
These inspirational pictures really look like from the Cinderella cartoon! Pack your bags and start traveling with no fears or doubts!

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