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The Artist Depicts The Everyday Queens Of Brooklyn And The Bronx In His Series Of Photos!

The idea to portray the women artist admires came to Tim Okamura while listening to 3rd Bass’ song “Brooklyn Queens”. According to the artist, a Bronx-Brooklyn Queen is a woman who is confident without being arrogant and cocky, the woman who knows that her beauty comes from the inside first of all and then is transmitted externally, a woman who deserves respect and admiration because of her attitude and positive energy she radiates. This term was invented by Okamura, inspired by the women he encountered while walking the streets of New York – strong and feminine at the same time. Even though his series carries a name of Brooklyn and Bronx, the pictures show the women from all five boroughs.


Most of the women you see in the portrays are his friends whom he had known for years already, and few new queens he met during the painting process. Okamura confesses, that what attracts him in the woman is a certain spark, that is magnifying and the energy. Usually his instincts don’t deceive him and are proven while delving a bit deeper into the model’s personal life.

The stunning collection of pictures shows graffiti, golden crests, hoodies and tiaras, while everyday queens borrow the poses from Renaissance and Baroque portraits.

With this marvelous collection, Okamura is intended to inspire his fans and random views to find the queen inside themselves, to look at the portraits not like at unknown people, but to develop deeper connection and open for something more than just a face you see in the picture.


Images [email protected] Tim Okamura

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