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Take a Look At The World From Extreme Angle

Along with traditional photographs of this wonderful world, the extreme pictures taken from impossible angles and spots are getting more and more popular. Jimmy Chin is one of the extreme adventures who combined his passion for unusual traveling with photography.


If you have a look at his pictures, first of all you wouldn’t even think of climbing there, and wouldn’t even consider the idea of taking a shot from such angle. A professional traveler, skier, mountaineer and photographer, Chin also works for National Geographic, The North Face and a number of other clients. Chin has accomplished a lot of achievements in photography and filming famous athletes and explorer, meanwhile participating in totally blow minding expeditions of his own.


His collections show more than just extreme sports and amazing views. It is a sort of connection between art and nature. Have a look at the breathtaking pictures below to get inspired and just get totally shocked with the way our life can be:


All images via @ Jimmy Chin

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