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Stunning Recreation of The Degas’s Pictures In The Images Of Real Ballerina!

You have probably heard the story about the famous ballerina Misty Copeland, the story of courage, dedication and achievements, this prima ballerina has gone through to become a well known star? The story of being rejected into the ballet school, as she wasn’t up to the standards of the size, shape and built which are common and acceptable for ballerinas. The story was revealed once Misty shared the rejection letter, but only after she became an outstanding ballerina with a rich portfolio full of successful roles.


The last role of Misty Copeland was to recreate the paintings of famous impressionist Edgar Degas, together with New York MOMA. The dresses and accessories were recovered by the museum to make the pictures more realistic. According to the ballerina, this role was kind of a challenge, as the picture required her to be in static position, in order to capture the historical painting.



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