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Stunning Photography Of Scotland, Norway and Iceland In Summer Lights

When you hear something about such countries as Norway or Iceland, the first thing that comes to your mind is how chilly and cold it is there, and only after you remember the stunning landscapes of Scotland, amazing meadows in Norway and gorgeous scenes from Iceland.
George Turner decided to turn the things around and spent the last two years documenting picturesque landscapes from the wildest places on earth by visiting the most remote areas in the Northern hemisphere.
Photographer managed to catch astonishing views in the summer lights, which turns your perception of these cold countries upside down. Colossal images of mountains, bright green landscapes are truly astonishing!
Beautiful scene for kayaking in Hossa, Finland. In order to get such a view, Turner had to kayak around one hour to find a perfect spot.

The famous view of Reine , in Reinebringen Norway. Spending four hours on top wasn’t enough according to the photographer, even 40 would be too little!

The county of Nordland in Norway and traditional fishermen’s huts.

The longest sunsets Turner was watching nowhere else but in Finland.

The Icelandic Mount Vestrahorn, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean is very popular among photographers.

Amazing puffin bird from Iceland.

Lofoten is the treasure for astonishing views – the lake in the mountains.

The Castle Stalker in Appin, Argyll.

One of the favorite places of Turner is The Fairy Pools on the Scottish Isle of Skye.

A breathtaking view from the top of Reinebringen, Norway.

Empty roads of Lofoten.

Jumping into the empty lake in Norway….you won’t see such scene so often there!



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