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Stunning Blue Rivers In Okayama, Japan

This beautiful series of photos was taken on the coast of Okayama, Japan and carries the name of The Weeping Stones. The creative duo Trevor Williams and Jonathan Galione of Tdub Photo were the ones to capture this beauty: eerie blue light emitted by a native species of bioluminiscent shrimp. They are more known as sea fireflies and live in the sand below, in a very shallow sea water. Being just 3 mm in length , they are like small torches but as soon as they get together, they light up extraordinary patterns in the water and surrounding area making beautiful pictures.

But in order to find such huge groups of sea fireflies, photographers had to make a trick and collect the creatures into the jars and reposition them on the rocks. Placing them close enough to the shore and water made sure that shrimps were safe and could return to their natural environment.

But Tdub Photos doesn’t stop on this series and plans to shoot more pictures in the upcoming fall by focusing on glowing mushrooms. We are going to wait for the next astonishing work from this duo!



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