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Spectacular Photos Of Just Married Couples In Wedding Ring Reflections

Along with wedding preparation the choice of a creative photographer is one of the most important tasks of modern couples. The newlywed couple try their best to find the most creative way to capture this significant day and stand out among the others. Photographer Peter Adams-Shawn presented his own idea of capturing couples in the Memories of Tomorrow Photography: the pictures reflect in their rings. Truly symbolic and innovating. The artist named this collection Ringscapes, as all the pictures are totally different from each other as the couples and their rings are.


The photographer admits that he has always been looking for new perspectives for his photos, therefore some of them were gently placed on the carpet of grass, the others rested in the golden sand, and some of them were captured on the bride’s or groom’s fingers.

In spite of the fact that all of the rings in his pictures contain diamonds and stones, their primary purpose wasn’t to reflect the luxury, but carried a rather symbolic meaning: pointing out the importance of the relationship over the luxurious stones.

Capturing the images of newly created families inside their rings aims to show the commitment to the vows they’ve made for each other.

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All images [email protected] Peter Adams-Shawn

Spectacular Photos Of Just Married Couples In Wedding Ring Reflections
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