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Russia Unknown: The Country’s Most Beautiful Places

All people know Russia is a Northern country with snow, frost, cold winter. All keep in mind pictures of taiga, Siberia, polar bears and vodka. It is true that 65% of the country is covered with permafrost, but there are a lot of breathtaking places you would be mad to see with your own eyes.

From the sandy beaches of the Far East, to Swiss-like villages lost in the middle of South Siberia, from German villages on the Baltic Sea cost to the bridge across Bosporus – it is all Russia.

Russia and the former Soviet Union has incredible mountains, beaches, deserts, ethnic villages, spectacular volcanoes and glaciers, making it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The beauties of this country are hard to be described with words. Look4ward wants to show it with photos.

Chaa-Kholsky District, Tuva Republic

preview_987bb356b0f5c0a7c6423118a45ab578photo:Oleg Terechov

Tuva is a remote, biodiverse Russian republic in southern Siberia, populated by traditionally nomadic, yurt-dwelling tribes.

Lake Baikal, South East Siberia

preview_a8b88d15c2959086223d2dfffd15d1aephoto:Mark Podrabinek

Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake, curves for nearly 400 miles through south-eastern Siberia, north of the Mongolian border.

Medveditsa River, Volgograd and Saratov Oblasts

preview_626128af3ce1f7a911a0b9eeae2f9d4dphoto:Vasiliy Lukyanov

The name means she-bear, and according to legend alludes to the large population of bears in the area in earlier times. It is 745 kilometres (463 mi) long, joins the river Don in Volgograd Oblast.

Mutnovsky volcano, Kamchatka

preview_167577b422c122f39c013292cdcffe29photo:Oleg Terechov

Massive Mutnovsky, one of the most active volcanoes of southern Kamchatka, is formed of four coalescing stratovolcanoes of predominately basaltic composition.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka


Klyuchevskaya Sopka is a stratovolcano, the highest mountain on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia and the highest active volcano of Eurasia. Klyuchevskaya Sopka is considered sacred by some indigenous peoples, being viewed by them as the location at which the world was created. Other volcanoes in the region are seen with similar spiritual significance, but Klyuchevskaya Sopka is the most sacred of these.


preview_1b99039ce87db554607981dbccd0dfa5photo:Karina Sedletskaya

Solovetsky Islands


The Solovetsky Islands or Solovki, are an archipelago located in the Onega Bay of the White Sea, Russia.

Russians believe that Solovki is a huge linen woven from spiritual forces and weakness, human happiness and universal grief, will power and treachery, lies and truth, whispering surf and glorious sunsets, silvery fish and sounds of rustling wings.

Saint Petersburg, Lake Lagoda

preview_fc45a603ea348160f9a32ddb3921570bphoto:Peter Kosykh

Nilmoguba village, Northern Karelia

preview_40d9e2934a11e11f4ab01a9908c9c001photo:Ivan Dementiyevskiy
Just a few kilometres from the Arctic Circle, the village of Nilmoguba has something magic about it. With time the village has started to expand, residents of Murmansk and Moscow are buying plots of land here, and people are coming to these quiet locales for the tranquility, incomparable northern landscape and midnight sun, which lasts for six months.

Altai Mountains, Shavla Lake

preview_61cccdcab10446945056eeefcf3af32dphoto:Sergey Vakorin

Arkhyz, Republic of Karachay–Cherkessia, Greater Caucasus

preview_89a237e8fb6c37d06b51668283cd69c9photo:Anna Kravtsova

Sheregesh, Kemerovo

preview_d581b7d9b475bcfb8699a9bcb5708414photo:Denis Milezhik

Saint Petersburg region

preview_9291bfb4de59375aa7934f2f120a216aphoto:Ivan Dementiyevsky

Kunashir Island

preview_eafb4b060c7c7d724235a0dffd323772photo:Ivan Dementiyevsky

Kunashir Island, possibly meaning Black Island or Grass Island in Ainu, is the southernmost island of the Kuril Islands, which is under the Russian jurisdiction.

Abandoned village in suburb of Saint Petersburg

preview_ab012df4cf1f88cb475f51456aec706aphoto:Peter Kosykh


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