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Probably The Most Romantic Engagement Photo Session Ever!

Photos are almost as important as the wedding dress when it comes to the big day, that’s why couples spend tons of time on choosing the best location and theme for their own engagement photo session. But Cici and Clement, a couple from Canada went even beyond the regular photos and made their way to Iceland to immortalize their love in truly iconic photo shoot.3717497800000578-3733915-image-a-58_1470871660559

The couple was supplied with a team of two cinematographers and two photographers from Life Studios Inc.


The couple explained to the team what kind of photos they were looking for, and the Life Studios decided to take the whole scene over the ocean, in the land of beautiful glacier caves- Iceland. Thanks to an awesome tour guide they managed to see the most spectacular views. The couple and the crew spent there a week, capturing the young love and luxury nowhere else but in the Far North. The blue cave was one of the best places where the unique and intimate shoots were done.


Couple did their pictures also next to the volcano, by the stunning glaciers and cliffs, holding each other and protecting from cold arctic winds. The future to be wife was changing the looks from the bright blue gown to the bright red, white and yellow.


Couple admits that they actually didn’t dream about nothing like that, maybe a small shoot in Stanley Park, which rapidly turned into one of the most memorable expeditions to Iceland!



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