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Powerful Nature: Weather Photographer Of The Year

The Royal Meteorological Society and The Royal Photographic Society have already announced the finalists of the 2016 Weather Photographer of the Year Competition. Now it is all up to the public to decide who is going to be winner:

Alan Tough: Polar Stratospheric Clouds.


This year the nacreous clouds went as far as the UK, so photographer had to go to Alloa to catch this stunning pictures.

Allan Macdougall: Ice Sculpture on Plynlimon


You may find this giant hill massif in the northern Ceredigion, mid Wales.

Andrew Bailey: Freezing Fog and Hoar Frost

The photographer and his son had to travel to north Suffolk to Herringfleet Mill, where they have never been before and as soon as they arrived to the mill, the temperature was around – 4 C with freezing fog around, making the whole area majestic.

Ben Cherry: Sprite Lightening


The small village on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Punka Banco has a rather big storm visible at sea during a new Moon. Thanks to a small natural light, the stars were especially bright.

Camelia Czuchnicki: Clash of the storms


Powerful picture of two storms crashing into one in New Mexico, while each of hem had it own rotating updraft.

Camelia Czuchnicki: The Barber’s Pole


Storm in Nebraska, twisting and rotating, the photographer spent one hour taking pictures, as the storm was moving quite slow allowing to make such a shot.

Dmitry Demin: UFO over the Caucasus


The picture was taken from the cable car to Mount Cheget, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia.

Graham Newman: Oil Tanker Guanabara


The Guanabara is a 240 m long super tanker, which was loaded with crude oil at Barrow Islands. The photographer managed to take a picture of the ship when it docked and was actually invited on board, this is the when the ship was hit.

Kevin Pearson: Misty River Dawn


The image was taken along the bank of the River Brue in Glastonbury, Somerset. The unique character of the flat area is achieved by the flat area, numbers of channels and a blanket of mist.

Mark Boardman: Hail shower over Jodrell Bank


This stunning picture was taken just from the edge of Macclesfield Forest in Cheshire, looking at the radio telescope at Jordell Bank.

Mat Robinson: Snowbow


It was extremely hard for photographer to catch the beauty of both snow and sunshine in the Crookstone Out Moor.

Mat Robinson: Mamazing


The photographer was literally following the storm along the A1 road, and finally he caught the right moment when the sun illuminated the mammatus clouds on the back edge.

Michal Krzysztofowicz: Sun halo over Halley


Working for the British Antarctic Survey at the Halley Research Station in Antarctica gives photographer a unique chance to observe such nature miracles as Sun halo, which is caused by a diamond dust – a phenomenon, when ice particles are carried by a light wind in the air leading to the light to refract into a halo.

Paul Andrew: Evening Storm, Mono Lake


The picture was taken during the sunset in Mono County, California.

Paul Kingston: Storms Cumbria


Enormous wave hit the inner harbor wall at Whitehaven, Cumbria covering the buildings from the top until the bottom.

Paula Davies: Jack Frost


 A usual frosty morning in North Yorkshire. The frost has created its own art pieces on the windows.

Stephen Burt: Matterhorn banner cloud


The clouds are swimming around the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

Stephen Lansdell: Mama Factory


Photographer has been chasing the storms since 1989 but te storm in Nebraska was the most memorable an spectacular, as it took various colors and forms during forming making the scene incredible.

Steve M Smith: Cloud tunnel, Carneddau, north Wales


The fog finally stepped aside showing the way in the Carneddau, Snowdonia.

Tim Moxon: Tornado on Show


The giant tornado happened near the town of Wray, Colorado and happened to be one of the most beautiful ones.

James Bailey, under-16: Hailstorm and rainbow over the seas of Covehithe


The walk at Covehithe Suffolk in a stormy weather led to appearing such a stunning picture.

Tomasz Janicki, under-16: First Light


The picture is taken in the first lights of sunrise in Snowdon.

Tristan Beard, under-16: A British Summer


 You might not believe but this photo was taken with a regular iPhone on the bus drive around downtown when the rain started to draw on the windows with mesmerizing colors.



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