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Photos Of Abandoned Buildings Around Europe

The ancient buildings with coming off walls and rusty paint have always admired not only the artists, but regular citizens as well. German photographer turned his love for old houses into passion and art. Christian Richter spent his last seven years traveling around Europe and collecting the pictures of inside interiors of old buildings.

abandoned decay bedroom with chair table tv in a hotel

His first models for his photos were dozens of buildings left after the German Reunification in 1989. The artist was just wondering around them without camera, exploring and admiring. Few years later he got his first camera as a present, and this was the time to fall in love with photography.
Christian Richter was capturing interiors of chapels, churches, factories and even staircases based in various cities of Europe.

decay spiral staircase
One thing you will never find in the photos of the artists – is the location of the buildings. This is a sort of protection, let the unknown left stay the way it is.

56fd74b01e00008700705eb3 56fd74ae1500002a000b3c05 abandoned Cinema with wooden chairs abandoned bedroom 56fd74b32e00002c0095026b 56fd74ad2e00002c00950267 abandoned decay event hall with graffiti and ornament 56fd74ae2e00002d00950268 abandoned doctor room with chair 56fd74ae1500002a000b3c06

old decay abandoned factory building abandoned baroque event hall with sculpture old abandoned library in house old staircase with railing abandoned corridor in hospital with windows and doors 56fd74a21500002a000b3bfc abandoned entry hall with staircase and pillars horror operation table in forgotten blue room in a hospital abandoned staircase 56fd73bc1e0000b300705ea4Old dining room inside an abandoned 5-star hotel 56fd74a31e0000b300705ea8 56fd74a42e00002d0095025c 56fd74a62e00002c0095025e 56fd74a41e00008700705eaa abandoned room with baroque ceiling decay spiral staircase in door frame old abandoned staircase from below 56fd74a51e0000b300705eab56fd74a91500002a000b3c00 abandoned corridor in a hospital with windows and doors old abandoned baroque staircase decay spiral staircase 56fd74aa1500002a000b3c01 abandoned decay train depot 56fd74a72e00002d00950260 old abandoned staircase with pillar and arch decay room in castle with arch and broken staircase old Spiral staircase inside old tower abandoned elevator in hospital with rusty doors 56fd74b02e00002d0095026a old forgotten piano in mansion abandoned event hall with stage in hotel old decay pianosource:huffingtonpost

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