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New Zealand: Earth’s Mythical Islands – Stunning Photo Series

New Zealand isn’t the most remote, isolated place on Earth, but it is certainly one of the prettiest remote, isolated places on Earth.

It’s home to cheeky penguins, parrots that frolic in the snow, and strange, prehistoric-looking reptiles.

Across New Zealand life battles the natural forces – which shaped its past and continue to drive life there today. One of the most geologically active countries on earth; it’s a beautiful but dangerous place to live, rocked by earthquakes, volcanic activity and a wild and wet climate.

A new three-part part series from the BBC’s Natural History Unit, narrated by actor Sam Neill, showcases the island chain’s rich and intriguing wildlife that has resulted from 80 million years of isolation.

3409Nick Easton/BBC
4285Tom Walker/BBC
2956 Mark Macewen/BBC
624 Christina Karliczek/BBC
4286Mark MacEwen/BBC
4285 (1)Tom Walker/BBC
4286 (1)Christina Karliczek/BBC
3297Nick Easton/BBC
4363Claire Thompson/BBC
4282 (1)Alex Hasskerl/BBC
4285 (2)Claire Thompson/BBC
4286 (2)James Reardon/BBC
3021Tom Walker/ BBC


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