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Meet The Mermaid Girl Boss Who Controls The Ocean And Not Only

Kimi Werner is a bright representative of a female leader, who is actually a so called mermaid, who spends a lot of time underwaters exploring the sea. Though not long time ago she also managed to be a National Spearfishing Champion, an artist, free diver and even a chef. How only one person can have so many talents?

Being totally in love with traveling and diving, Kimi manages to explore the jungles of Malaysia, try snowshoeing in Norway and even giving some piece of her own story.
Where does this love to the sea come from? From Kimi’s childhood, when she used to spend a lot of time with her dad fishing. Watching the father diving into the depth of the ocean left unforgettable impact for the girl.

What Kimi is doing now is called free diving, which is literally extreme kind of snorkeling, as you just hold your breath and swim to the deep bottom of the underworld. Sounds extreme, doesn’t it?
Kimi had experience in communicating not only with peaceful representatives of the ocean but also with a great white shark which was tremendous time for the diver. The girl admits, that in spite of her confidence with the underworld she had a feeling of fear.

The best advice from the active traveler and popular girl from Instagram is to leave you comfort zone, travel not for collecting the pictures from sightseeing places but for the sake of traveling. She encourages people to talk to the locals while being in foreign country, try local food and be a true traveler, not a usual tourist.
After watching such pictures, it is extremely not to get inspired!

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