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Incredible Winners of National Geographic Travel Photography

The Annual National Geographic Travel Photography contest is over and the winners have been already announced. The creative photographers spent months traveling around the world trying to catch the extreme differences in cultures and atmosphere. Some of the most stunning pictures included regular foxes running in the snowy landscape at sunrise and an alligator catching his lunch. Though you will find not only beautiful and extreme landscapes here, but also thrilling views of New York’s Central Park by Kathleen Dolmatch as well as the picture of Indian families sleeping on the rooftops in the city of Varanasi.

But the winner is by no doubts the picture of Mongolian horsemen whipping his team of horses in the morning. As a prize the winner got a seven- day Polar Bear Photo Safari for two at Churchill Wild -Sea, River Heritage Lodge.

Have a look at these powerful pictures, showing the world from totally different angle:

The Winner, Winter Horseman, Anthony Lau who experienced all the pleasures of Mongolian winter, with temperatures reaching -20 Celsius and constant breeze of snow. It was a challenge to force himself to step out of the car and take the photos, but he managed and got the prize.


Celestial Reverie, Jeremy Tan. The most iconic landmark of Georgetown – Komtar Tower was hit by the lightning. The city itself is a unique blend of cultures and architecture.


Ben Youssef, Takashi Nakagawa. The photographer confessed that in spite of the fact that here, in Ben Youssef were more people than outside in Marrakesh, it felt much more quite and calm here.


Divide, Kathleen Dolmatch. Stunning scenery from helicopter on Central Park West – the dividing architecture and a park it looks like two different worlds merge together.



Silenced, Wing Ka H. The picture was made on the last day of the photographer in GuangZhou, China. The place the photograph is taken is a school dormitories of South China Normal University.


Double Trapping, Massimiliano Bencivenni. Amazing catch of alligator having his meals in Brazilian Pantanal! The CF didn’t want to believe it once the picture was downloaded.


Muscle Beach, Dotan Saguy. Venice beach in California features a weightlifter lifting a barbell loaded with heavy plates while a bodybuilder is performing in the background.


Atacama Desert, Victor Lima. The photographer caught The Baltinache Ponds, which are more known as Hidden Ponds located in the area of the Salt Cordillera, Atacama desert. So far he is the only one who posted the picture of this natural phenomenon during a night time, but the information still has to be confirmed.


Whenever you go, I follow you! Hiroki Inoue. Beautiful foxes chasing each other before the sunset.


Rooftop Dreams, Varanasi, Yasmin Mund. As soon as the photographer arrived to his guest house in Varanasi early in the morning he climbed up the seventh floor to catch the sunrise over the famous Ganges River. But instead his eyes saw an unbelievable picture of families sleeping on top of their houses.


Remote Life at 21 degree, Mattia Passarini. Picturing a woman carrying a big log back home in order to warm up her house in one of the remote villages in Himachal Pradesh.




Incredible Winners of National Geographic Travel Photography
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