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Have You Seen Shanghai In Such Retrospective?

Shanghai has been often compared with a Gotham City of the East, but has never been seen so until famous architect and photographer Amey Kandalgaonkar has revealed his latest collection of photographs.


A series of stunning photos of Shanghai from different angle is presented in the collection “Dark Deco”. The name says for itself, what the pictures are all about.

Amey became interested in the city as soon as he moved here from Mumbai, but his main purpose was to explore the similarities between Shanghai and New York, which he found a lot. The photo series might remind you the show Batman: The Animated Series,- which is Amey’s favorite one. The photographer started this project last September and it took him around four month to complete, as Amey admits, it took a while to walk around the city and find a proper angle for the best shot. He was experimenting with filters, capturing the the motion of objects, like moving clouds. The weather in Shanghai is perfect for such a collection as it is mostly cloudy.

If you take a closer look at the pictures, you will notice one spectacular feature. In the city with 14 million people, it is extremely hard to take a picture with nobody being captured. But photographer reveals his secret: The filters he applied don’t capture the moving objects, but only those that are stationary. That’s why you will find only few people throughout all collection.



All Images [email protected] Amey Kandalgaonkar

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