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Cute Series Showing That You Can Enjoy Life At The Age Of 91

Sometimes the most unexpected things come from people we expect the less. You think you know the person like your own fingers until that one day, when some unexpected things pop out and leave you totally stunned. Like it happened to one artist – Tony Luciani, whose mother was 91 in 2014 and was no more able to take care of herself, so Tony became her full time care. While recovering from the broken hip the woman developed onset dementia, but in spite of all these health issues, the mother and her son managed to achieve fantastic set of pictures together.


Tony , who is a painter as well,  got the camera once his mom moved in and he started to use the device in order to help mother feel more productive and comfortable in her new home. First he just showed her some pictures and drawings, trying to make her act out what she saw. This was small push for her to pose – the collaboration of imagination and memory. So by the end of the day, Tony managed to create  stunning series of pictures, using his mother’s recollections and feelings, which all together turned into beautiful story.
The surreal pictures are known as The Strange ones and became more popular than the other works of the team. In this series, mom acts like a lamp, jumps out of the book pages and more. It is a sort of representation, showing us how we see ourselves with aging, especially when it is connected with memory loss. Taking part in such a project made a woman more alive, the son could finally see her youthfulness and eccentricity.



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