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Creative Mother Dresses Up Her Baby In Awesome Outfits While Napping

Motherhood is a big challenge, and while most of the parents are waiting for their newborn to fall asleep in order to run their own errands or simply sleep on the side of the baby, Laura Izumikawa is not one of them. Being a photographer by profession, she couldn’t miss using the innocent sleep of her baby Joey and turn into the whole photo shooting with hundreds of cute outfits, transforming her small infant into famous celebrities.


Any popular star from the movies, cartoon or shows is easily represented by Joey with the help of wigs, stuffed animals and any other items Laura could find at home or borrow. Joey has been acting as Sia, Pikachu, Beyonce and even Eleven from Stranger Things. The baby looks absolutely gorgeous in this tiny outfits which mother skilfully puts on, while the baby is enjoying her sleep.


The idea came to her mind while watching Joey asleep and having a bite of a cake, Laura though it would be just fun to place around Joey few crumbs and send pictures to parents or friends. It is like a memory record to show how he grows. Now, it is more than just a record but a whole project! When Joey grows up, she will definitely have to ask few questions, what was mom doing while she was asleep.

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