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Bizarre Photos: Wave Of Shrink Wrapped Couples Hits Japan

The award-winning photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi once again has got attention on his work.

Japanese artist known as Photographer Hal, rose to fame in 2009 with his art craze, Flesh Love. In a series of photographs, he captured naked couples in close embraces. The works are unique because the couples are sealed in a large sheet of shrink-wrap. The artistic vision has brought Hal a popularity and a lot of followers.

While previous photo project was made in studio, now artist’s new focus is on shrink-wrapping couples in their natural environment. Kawaguchi claims that his subjects range from businessmen to strippers, before they will be sealed in plastic there is variety of props to use.



While some couples choose to use cosplay outfits and stuffed animals, others have included their infants. The danger is that the infant doesn’t know to hold its breath.


Haruhiko swears that no one is ever in danger when posing for him, even when he places people inside of vacuum-sealed shrink-wrap. There are always paramedics standing by in case of a medical emergency. In all, the models are without oxygen for fewer than 10 seconds. Photographer Hal can snap only two images during that time. As a result, he stresses that staging is the most important part of the process.



Hal is not only taking the photographs but also he is responsible for sucking the air of the shrink-wrap. Using a small air pump, he’s able to complete the process in seconds. However, artist warns other enthusiasts that the use of shrink-wrap is not a toy. People should not try this technique on their own without any medical specialists around.




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