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Best Images Of 2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition

One of the biggest competitions Royal Society Publishing Photography has been designed to acknowledge the power of photography to communicate science and to show big role of images making science accessible to wide audience.

This year the competition received over 1000 entries from the categories of Behaviour, Ecology and Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology and Micro-imaging from all around the globe. Great images featured different planet’s ecosystems and environments, as well as a variety of living taxa.

Here are the best images of finalists selected.

Overall winner and category winner: Behaviour

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition1Imre Potyo

Category winner: Ecology and Environmental Science.

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition4Tane Sinclair-Taylor

Runner up: Behaviour.

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition2Jonathan Diaz-Marba

Category winner: Evolutionary Biology.

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition6Nick Robertson-Brown

Category winner: Micro-imaging.

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition8Maria Carbajo Sanchez

Special commendation.

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition3Alexandre Bonnefoy

Special commendation

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition5Mark Cowan

Runner up: Evolutionary Biology

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition7Fredrik Pleijel,

Runner up: Micro-imaging.

royal-society-publishing-photography-competition9Tyler Square


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