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American Landscapes Through A Fisheye Lens

If you have always thought that the quality of your pictures depends on filters, you may forget about it, like Riccardo Maria Mantero did, and instead of the filter used a fisheye lens to make these stunning landscapes from Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

Thanks to Italian photographer, the old sites of Grand Canyon and Arches National Park got new views. These two landscapes are the favorite ones of Ricardo due to their color, skies and of course legendary history. But even though there are thousands of pictures of these places, nobody has ever done the shots with a fisheyes, that’s why the photographer decided to change the angle and show the same places from the new angle.

The massive rocks spread around the valley make this site a perfect place for hiking and walking tours.

The River San Juan which is 1000 ft below is carved with these stunning rock formations titled as Goosenecks.


The Navajo reservation is the best place to observe the Milky Way and the rock mountains have become world famous.

The national park in Utah became famous due to the spire shaped rock formations, and you can enjoy the views both in summer or winter.

The best place for taking a perfect picture of the Grand Canyon is the Maher Point.



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