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15 Most Fascinating Landscape Photos From Instagram Users

Instagram is an obvious place to head. With more than five million photos being uploaded every hour, there’s no shortage of images to choose from. If you aren’t already experiencing pangs of wanderlust as we approach holiday vacation time, this roundup of the best landscape photos on Instagram will definitely give you the travel bug. Traveling is about all five senses, but we think these 15 award-winners do a fantastic job of making you feel there, even if you’re just scrolling through your phone while laying in bed. Let these incredible Instagram accounts show you corners of the globe you may never see in person, or better yet, let them inspire you to plan your next trip right now, not later:

planesimage source (Image Source)

This image of the swarm of helicopters and boats in the Grand Canyon is a little freaky and totally mindblowing. The photographer @pedromcbride reveals his tiny secret of achieving such a result – this is a composite merge from his time-lapse. However he did witness around 350 helicopter at that day for real, maybe that’s why the area got its nickname – Helicopter Alley.

lavenderimage source (Image Source)

Stunning Fields of Provence, France look magnificent from any angle. But user @onthere managed to capture such a shot where he highlighted its beauty even more. The only thing missing is the fresh scent of lavender floating in the breeze.

black-sandimage source (Image Source)

One of the natural miracles – black sand beaches, which are spread all over the tropical island. While you are still dreaming and saving for the ticket, admire this perfect shot with turquoise blue waters and coal black sand.

landscape-2image source (Image Source)

This is easily the most photogenic front yard we’ve ever laid eyes on, probably because the vast white snow and icy blue sky contrasts (and simultaneously compliments) the modern, minimalistic, and crisp home to create a cohesive scene.

pink-beachimage source (Image Source)

Pinky landscape from La Laguna Colorada in Bolivia looks nothing like usual beaches. The salty lake is a home to self-proclaimed spirit animals – flamingo. There is no wonder they love this place, the color truly attracts.

natureimage source (Image Source)

The aerial view of Walikale, a small village in the Congo reflects the vibrant rolling hills and floating rivers, taking you away from reality and bringing to the land of fairy tales.

peaceimage source (Image Source)

Peaceful and slow morning in Lamoine State park looks like a perfect way to start your day. @Heidosbridge’s photography skills caught this moment of mist hanging over the pale lake in such a way that you can almost sense the quiet solitude of the space yourself.

bridgeimage source (Image Source)

It is still uncertain where this powerful and giant bridge is located, as the user @nikk_la tagged it as “somewhere over the rainbow”. It does look like that indeed. Just have a look how tiny the person looks like comparing to the massive iron construction.

stoneimage source (Image Source)

The avant-garde use of gold foil in the otherwise natural landscape adds a narrative element and also breaks up the open spaces to create a more visually striking composition.

natureimage source (Image Source)

Perfect combination of humanity and nature working as one – leaning person echoes the tree’s eccentric stature, with a thick San Francisco fog around, all these details add more drama to the shot.

boatimage source (Image Source)

Yellow canoe makes a great match with a golden landscape behind it, the whole composition looks extremely balanced and special indeed.

landscapeimage source (Image Source)

Spectacular crater in east Java, Indonesia looks like out of this world. It would perfectly fit a landscape of Mars or any other planet but Earth. While the color palette in this image is minimal, the myriad textures communicate the beauty of this place.

treeimage source (Image Source)

There is hardly a better scene in this world than a peaceful, captured in time nature landscape – it serves better than any detox to your body. Such powerful picture can evoke the deepest feelings, while the soft light and color palette cover you with a blanket of peace.

desertimage source (Image Source)

The power of desert with a sprawling sheet of sand is captivating. The gorgeous dunes can play tricks with your mind and totally capture your attention. This is in the Singing Sand dunes (of course it has a magical name) in Dunhuang, Gansu, China. The photographer notes that it gained its name from the mournful wails of wind blowing through the desert.

snowimage source (Image Source)

A beautiful transition of one season to another is captured in this lovely image. The distant horizon looks like it goes on forever, and that’s a garden we wouldn’t mind getting lost in.

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