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When Nature Attacks: Weird Things Found Living Inside Human Body

When Nature Attacks: Weird Things Found Living Inside Human Body

“Man versus Nature” was somewhat a familiar tagline we all used in our high school English classes where the Mother Nature played the victim and us, the humans, played the villain. We wrote essays, dramas around that theme, studied global warming and thought “Jeez!! How much do we hate the nature??” Then we forgot about it and threw the plastic packet on the road, and went to the movie hall showing a sci-fi movie about how some men are causing perversion to nature and the nature fighting back. But what we never thought about is “what if nature tries to kill us.” Some recent news has suggested this impossible became possible.

1 – The lady with a cockroach inside her body

A 42-year-old lady from Chennai was suffering from a headache, running nose, fatigue and a crawling sensation behind her eyes. She thought that she had a cold and might be a severe sinus infection. She rushed to a clinic where the doctor flushed her nose, and she returned home. But the crawling sensation didn’t subdue. She had to run to another two hospitals until an angel disguised as an ENT specialist performed a nasal endoscopy on her and found a happily live fully grown cockroach hanging out in the cavity behind her eyes.

When Nature Attacks: Monsters Inside Your Body

The woman was doing fine following this 45 minutes procedure but just think about the psychological trauma she went through when the cockroach was being dragged out from her nose. The doctor said if the cockroach stayed there for little longer, it might have found its way to her brain. If you find this cockroach incident creepy and disgusting, then there is another story to tell you.

2 – A spider that made its home inside an ear

In 2015, the twenty-five years old Li Meng thought that she had schizophrenia. She was hearing some scratching noise which nobody could hear. After some days she was in uncontrollable pain. What happened next was somewhat could remind you of the classic John Goodman movie, Arachnophobia.

When Nature Attacks: Monsters Inside Your BodyHorrific: A tiny camera was inserted into the woman's ear, revealing the spider

When Nature Attacks: Monsters Inside Your Body

Yes, the doctor found a spider living inside her ear. When the doctors were dragging the eight-legged monster arachnid out of her ear, it put up a fight. The spider died a martyr fighting for its homeland (the ear it was living).

3 – The story of a man who grew peas inside his lungs

This was just the arthropods. Even a plant tried to kill a 75-year old in 2010. Ron Svedan of Cape Cod, Massachusetts was diagnosed with emphysema. After his condition had got worse, he went to a hospital where the doctor found a growth inside her lungs. They thought it was cancer. After ten days the truth about the growth was discovered.  There was a pea plant growing inside of his lungs.

Supposedly he inhaled a pea, and the pea found its home inside his lungs and grew vines turning him into somewhat of a human pea garden. After the doctors had removed the pea plant from his lungs, he ate peas in his first meal.

So folks, what have you learned from these incidents? If you harm the Mother Nature, she can kill you using her most bizarre weapons including cockroaches, spiders,
and harmless plants.

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