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Animal Images Which Have The Royal Seal Of Approval

London-based wildlife photographer David Yarrow has become a favourite of Prince William. His stunning works moved Prince William to comment that his pictures have the power to influence the way we view the animal kingdom.
The artist spends most of his time traveling around the world, in order to get so close to animals, as many of the other photographers would never dare. Once he spent 35 hours straight without any break waiting to catch the best shot of the great white shark.

Famous European photographer released his new book this week, Wild Encounters, where he shows the five years of his explorations: Japan, African, Antarctica and Alaska. You will see all the creatures that have been haunted down by the artist’s huge lens.



His works are so brilliant, that even Prince William commented on the pictures, that they have a power to influence the way we view the animal kingdom.


There is no need to say that he risked his life many times in pursuit of the perfect shot. Photographer admits that one of the most dangerous pictures was taken in Alaska, when he was following the polar bears in wild.

Photographer spends only 70 days in the “field” and the rest of the time he spends preparing for the trips, planning everything as much precisely as possible and exercising. Mr Yarrow became popular for his unique low-down perspective and up -close portrays.


Artist spent a lot of time with lions, mostly from the elevator sized human cage while they walked around him and has a particular investment in protecting them.

However, he is planning to donate the earned money from the book to Tusk, a conservation organization in Africa.


The picture was made in Amboseli, on the Kenyan and Tanzanian border. According to the artist, it is one of the best places to make wildlife pictures in the world.


In order to make this picture, Mr Yarrow covered the camera with Old Spice stick aftershave, it turns out, lions are attracted to the smell. Once the picture was made, lioness took the camera in her mouth and walked away.


Rare shot which was taken not in the wild but in one of the American ghost towns, but the location of which artist keeps in secret.


The monkey bathing in Japan’s Jigokudani National Park. Total relaxation on a freezing day.


A rare rhino in the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania

source: dailymail

Animal Images Which Have The Royal Seal Of Approval
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