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The Wonders Of Nature: Amazing Transparent Animals!

The world is truly a huge treasure box of wonders, which sometimes are totally unexpected and sweep us, people, from our feet. The variety of creatures walking on the earth is enormous and some of them are so weird! Using camouflage techniques or on the contrary – showing everything from inside, hiding nothing, the transparent animals, like:

Transparent frog


 Such glass frogs are hard to watch: you can see their organs and eggs without too much trouble, no need to breed them in the lab like pale skinned Japanese Brown Frogs.

Transparent Cave Crayfish


Caves are considered to be the darkest places on the planet, where not even high modern light instruments can catch the single proton. That’s why such creatures as spiders, fish and crayfish turned into “troglobites”, animals who manage to adapt to living in darkness, where you no longer need neither eyes or pigmentation.

Transparent Sea Cucumber


One of the ancient creatures in the sea managed to learn surviving for hundreds of millions of years. Being transparent allows Sea Cucumbers to fly under the radar and stay unnoticed.

Transparent Icefish


Inhabiting the cold waters of Antarctica and Southern America, this crocodile fish mostly eats krill and copepods. Their blood is so transparent due to the absence of any hemoglobin or erythrocytes.

Transparent Amphipod


 Mostly known as Phronima, this creature is truly one of the strangest ones in North Atlantic. In order to survive, this creature shows everything from inside and outside, aiming to disappear unnoticed.

Transparent Squid


This Glass squid has an unusual ability to roll into ball like a water hedgehog and has light organs on its eyes.

Transparent Siphonophores


 These creatures belong to a group of animals that include corals, hydroids and jellyfish. While the digestive and circulatory system is red, the rest of the organs are transparent.


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