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Terrifying Before-and-After Photos Of The Changing Environment

Global warming has been occurring at a steady rate for many decades now — possibly for over a century, there are many people who deny it but the science facts are there for everyone to test. As land ice melts, it adds freshwater to the oceans causing sea level rising, and global natural disasters are unavoidable. 

The climate crisis is becoming more apparent, when looking at recent photos of lakes, archipelagos, and coral reefs and comparing them to photos taken 20 years ago — and in some cases, just a decade ago. 

The San Blas Archipelago in Panama, 2002-2014

This is the result of green house effect which we, humans created by ourselves. If we didn’t invent Carbon Dioxide, the green house effect wouldn’t even happen and grow so rapidly with any fuel burned. It covers our planet and makes it warmer and warmer which eventually changed the climate in general.

Arctic ice, 1980- 2012

As long as ice keeps melting, it causes dramatic sea level rises. According to NASA data the sea levels may rise up to three feet next century.

The Enterprise Bridge in 2011-2014

The bridge passes over the section of Lake Oroville, Calfornia, which has changed in just three years.

Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, 2002-2014

The main cause of coral bleaching is heat stress resulting from high sea temperatures. Temperature increases of only one degree Celsius for only four weeks can trigger bleaching events.

Alaskan Muir Glacier and Inlet, 1880-2005

Muir Glacier is located in the Glacier National Park and Preserve in Alaska and soon might disappear at all. Just have a look at the picture, no wonder people rush to take the cruise to see the phenomenon.

Grinnell Glacier Overlook in Montana, 1920-2008

Pictures reveal how glaciers in continental US and Alaska keep receding and the process doesn’t stop.

Alaskan Pedersen Glacier, 1930-2005

It is not only about glaciers disappearance. Glaciers have a big influence on the delicate balance of nature, as there are animals who got used to colder climates and became rather vulnerable to the effects of global warming.
97 percent of actively-publishing climate scientists agree that rising temperatures are due to human activity.

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