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Take A Step Into The Clearest Waters Ever

Each of us is looking for the pure, crystal waters while choosing our vacation trip. Some are lucky enough to live next to such natural beauties, the others have to travel quite far to be able to enjoy this natural masterpieces:

Putaruru Blue Spring, New Zealand

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever1

In this spring the water is filtered during 100 year through the ground which makes it the purest one on earth. This year it has been even forbidden to swim, but at least you can enjoy the view.

Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever2

A 98 deep hole is a true paradise with dozens of steps leading down to a special platform, from which swimmers can easily dive into crystal waters of the grotto.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever3

While the icebergs are melting in the midsummer nights, the glassy water reveals every single detail.

Verzasca River, Switzerland

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever4

This beautiful shot was taken at the legendary river showing all the greenery and glory of the landscape.

Mozambique, Benguerra island

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever6

The island is known worldwide for its turquoise ocean and crystal waters.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever7

This uninhabited island is famous among the snorkelers and you can see from this picture exactly why.

Star Beach, Philippine’s El Nido

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever8

Another beautiful place where snorkelers find their paradise point.

Stingray city, The Cayman Islands

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever10

The famous city is located next to the shallows and is more known as the Sandbar and is the only place where you can swim with Atlantic Southern Stingrays.

Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever11

In the local Baths National park you may see the rocks far away from the water surface, which makes the whole picture amazing.

Ko Kradan island, Thailand

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever12

Gorgeous Andaman sea surrounds this magnificent island, which has become the favorite destination for many travelers.

Peyto lake, Canada

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever13

The mirror like Peyto lake can be found in Banff National Park and has crystal pure waters which gets such amazing color from the glacier rock flour, which fills up the lake during summer months.

Moorea, French Polynesia

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever14

The world famous honeymoon place in far French Polynesia allows you to see the rich underwater world from great distance.

San Blas Islands, Panama

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever16

Beautiful pure waters around this island are like a magnet for travelers

Wakatobi archipelago, Indonesia

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever17

This aerial picture shows the whole beauty of marine paradise.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever19

The seaplane is the best way to see the incredible views and clear waters of Maya Bay.

Lampedusa, Pelagie islands

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever21

The incredible blue color of the ocean is a reason number one travelers are heading to Italian islands.

Lefkada Island, Greece

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever22

Each year tourists overcrowd the Agiofili beach and it is totally understandable why.

Emerald Bay, Greece

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever23

Located on Anti-Paxos island, this bay is famous among the sailors who enjoy the bright colors of the ocean.

Pianosa, Tuscany

Take-A Step-Into-The-Clearest-Waters-ever26

The former jail colony is now a favorite destination for beautiful landscapes.

source: dailymail

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