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Stunning Images Capture Rare Snow In The Sahara Desert

The largest hot desert on the planet, spanning 3,600,000 sq.m and many North Africa countries, is not the first place many would associate with a snow during the festive period, with the rare occurrence leaving the man who captured the event stunned. One of these lucky men happened to be an amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata, who was lucky to grab his camera in time to capture the morning town and surrounding Sahara sand dunes covered in the blanket of snow.


Karim Bouchetata photographed  the fleeting scene on Monday in the small Algerian town of Ain Sefra, which lies in the Atlas Mountains on the northern edge of the desert.

In his images a thin layer of snow rests on deep orange dunes, where he said it stayed for about a day, and forms whirling patterns where the slopes are too steep for it to settle. Reports suggest it is only the second time in living memory that the snow has fallen in one of the most hostile environments on Earth.

The last time snow was reportedly seen in Ain Sefra, known as ‘The Gateway to the Desert’, where the Atla mountains meet the Sahara Desert, was on February 18, 1979, when the snow storm lasted just half an hour.



source: gizmodo

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