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Huge Wasp Nest Was Discovered In The Attic Of A House

By the term “huge” a homeowner by Corby means one meter wide wasp nest, which he discovered while renovating his house. The property was empty for around two years and according to pest controller Gary Wilkinson the wasps moved out a year earlier.

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But during their stay wasps did a magnificent job by building a huge entry into their home decorating the walls with pieces of art. According to the pest controller it was the biggest nest he had ever seen in his life. The size was much bigger than a barrel. But it wasn’t only about the size that made it outstanding, but thanks to the intricate tunnel that wasps built from the outside.

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It was perfectly preserved and measures around 1.4 meters. Mr. Wilkinson believes there were probably around 6,000-10 000 wasps inhabiting the house. Ordinary nest hosts around 3,000 wasps.

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The discovered structure is truly beautiful and is made from paper like material, which insects have stripped from fences and tree bark. Luckily for the owner of the house the nest has gone through its full cycle and there was nothing left alive in it.



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