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Glass Beach: Where Nature Has Corrected Man’s Ugly Pollution And Turned It Into Beauty

“We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.”

Orison Swett Marden

Waves on Russia’s Pacific shoreline crafted old bottles, porcelain and tiles into a sparkling tourist attraction.

On a sunny day, the beach on Ussuri Bay – in Primorsky region – seems to be covered with lighted candles. In the past, it was used as a dump for truckloads of unwanted glass bottles and waste from a local porcelain factory, or so the story goes.

But nature has correct man’s mistake, and stamped its own imprint.

information_items_5370Picture: Anna Pozharskaya

Years of erosion has broken, then rounded and polished the glass, giving the beach a distinctive quality, to the extent that people pay a small fee to come here and enjoy the sight.

Tourists are amazed by shining shore, clean water and splendid view on the Ussuri Bay. Known in Russian as Steklyashka, the beach is perhaps at its most stunning in winter when the snow highlights the vivid colours of the glass.


inside_bay_1Picture:The Siberian Times

The summer the colours on the kaleidoscope  mosaic gleam against the black volcanic sand.

The backdrop is also stunning: the bay is surrounded by impressive cliffs, making a stunning contrast to the bustle of nearby city Vladivostok, just 30 minutes drive away.

inside_bay_5Picture: grunja.blogspot




inside_bay_3Tourists are amazed by shining shore, clean water and splendid view on the Ussuri Bay. Pictures: @yuliya_savkina, RGO, @dumbrava_regina


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