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Curious Black ‘Alien’ Frogfish Discovered In New Zealand

This bizarre creature turns out to be a fish but with legs and was found on one of the beaches in New Zealand. It is supposed to belong to the species of frogfish, though further tests will confirm its true identity.

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Claudia Howse and James Beuvink were the ones to spot this creature during their vacation in the area. The creature has been sent right away to experts at the Museum of New Zealand.

“This weird creature is likely to be a species of Frogfish, but we won’t know until we have a chance to examine it closely!” explained the NZ museum.

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The frogfish – a black, spiny-skinned animal, has two fins on either side of its body. However, rather than being attached close to the abdomen, the fins are turned down and stretched out, looking like two feet that could propel the fish along the sea bed.

Frogfish are found basically all over the world and there are few different species of them. They are also known for the having the fastest and powerful bite of any invertebrate animal on earth.

Unfortunately the fish didn’t survive too long after washing up in shallow water close to the shore, but it remains in the museum for further investigations.

source: telegraph

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