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8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe

8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God.

Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.

Anne Frank

Nature is the best place to heal one’s self. It is so beautiful and serene that it calms your senses as nothing else can. The mountains, valleys, plants, trees, birds, etc, everything has its own uniqueness and importance. Sometimes you just need to be in the lap of nature to get yourself healed and rejuvenated. From energy grids to sacred springs to ancient mountains, there are several healing destinations around the world that attract millions of people every year, 8 of which are listed below:

1 – Mount Mitchell, Burnsville, NC

8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe


A part of the Blue Ridge chain, the summit of this one of the oldest mountain formations on Earth is believed to harness a nexus of energy. Apparently it is because of the key lines – the energy grids speculated to connect the sacred places around the world. The top of this mountain is said to have been covered by these lines, which is why, it has the healing power.

2 – Ayers Rock, Uluru, Australia

Uluru, the rock, which is home to an energy vortex and sits along a Dreamtime Track is protected by indigenous tribes. The Dreamtime Track is one of the many revered routes that crisscross Australia and which, the Aboriginal people believed their deities walked along at the beginning of time, when they created life and landscape features. Just standing near by, you can apparently feel the vibes.

3 – Cliff-Side Hot Springs at Esalen, Big Sur, CA

8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe

This mineral laden Hot Water Springs are visited by people since 6000 years for its healing purposes. The Esselen Indians, considered the area as their holy ground.

4 – Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe

These chalky-white, terraced hot springs are reported to have healing and beautifying powers, which are probably one of the oldest and the most famous hot springs of the world. The naturally heated and carbonate-rich pools are open to public, which provide exfoliating properties.

5 – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe

This mountain, one of South Africa’s most sacred sites, looms over Cape Town, and is claimed to be the home of one of Earth’s four great energy vortices.

6 – Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe

The traditional bathing techniques passed down since the early 1600s, include a quick prayer at an indoor shrine, after which, engaging in the ritual of pouring water over one’s head, and then soaking for three minutes in the 118° water. Although, the water in this hot spring is claimed to cure everything else than heartache.

7 – Bath, England

8 Best Healing Destinations From Around The Globe

Mineral water from three ancient hot springs beneath the city, continues to attract visitors and heeling experience seekers even today, which ones nearly 2000 years ago, drew the visitors from across the Roman Empire.

8 – Manikaran Hot Springs, Himachal Pradesh, India

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The Hot Spring of Manikaran, situated in the Parvati Valley, are positioned on the banks of River Parbati spanning an area of nearly 1.3 km and emerging at different locations. The water comes out with pressure and is extremely hot, claimed enough to boil rice, pulses, and vegetables. People claim that there are no minerals in the water, but it has excellent healing properties due to radioactivity, which can heal ailments such as muscular pains, arthritis, and rheumatics.

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