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10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there.

K. D. Lang

This planet is full of wonderful things to notice. The world is surrounded by beautiful things and amazing phenomena. Sky is as vast as you can imagine. It has clouds, rainbows, birds flying, and what not. But even the sky shows some amazing things that you could never have imagined. The naturalist Tim Herd, in his book Kaleidoscope Sky, explains a gamut of wonders one can see in the atmosphere, some of which are included in the list of 10 below:

1 – Crystal Follies

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

The image of ice crystals bending the light at 22 degrees creating a ring, called 22 degree halo, in which the inside appears dark as the light is bent away.

2 – When Boats Fly

Mirage occurs when the air temperature varies dramatically over a short distance, causing great fluctuations in density of light. It not only occurs in the desert. In the image, it is a superior mirage as it makes the boat look taller. It always includes a part of the image that is inverted.

3 – The Eye of Sauron?

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can DoImage Source (Image Source)

A faint 22 degree halo is seen while the sunlight is blocked by the Chimney in Finland. It is known as circumscribed halo because we can see it go all the way around. Just block the sun’s glare to see them.

4 – Two Sunset In One Day

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

The double sun is seen which is a kind of mirage, formed by flattened the top of the sun but its light is brighter because of a shorter trip through the atmosphere.

5 – Aurora In Red

Earth’s magnetosphere deflects most of the solar wind or subatomic particles from the sun. But, some of them enter on the polar side of this planet and the light show is witnessed called aurora. These emit colours of the visible spectrum, where green is the most common. The red aurora is produced by ionizing oxygen high in polar skies.

6 – Desert Strike

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

Negative charges accumulate in the lower parts of clouds while the positive charges accumulate in the ground, and when the voltage exceeds the air’s capacity to insulate it, a long lone lightning bolt is seen like this one.

7 – Dank Rainbow

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

Corona, refers to the outer layer of the sun, which is usually seen during eclipse, or when sunlight passes through tiny water droplets and separates in different bands, as seen in the image.

8 – Look What I Caught In My Web

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

Rainbows can form when the light shines through water droplets, and when it shines low, on the dew drops on a surface, it can form rainbows such as this, on the spiderweb.

9 – Not Ready For Nightfall

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

Alpenglow is the phenomena where sometimes the mountaintops shine in the pinkish light seen here, either when the sun has yet to come over the horizon or, while it has already descended below the horizon at dusk. It apparently happens because sunlight reflects downward off snow, water, or ice.

10 – Take The ‘BOW’ Out Of ‘RAINBOW’

10 Amazing Things The Sky Can Do

A rare phenomena of the flat rainbow is called a circumhorizontal arc that can form only when the sun is above 58 degrees in the sky and shines through plates of ice crystals.


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