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The Female Indonesian Motorbike Rider Performs Death Defying Stunts

The crowds at the traditional night carnival in Deliserdang, North Sumatra are totally astonished when 18 year old Karmila Purba enters the motordrome and gears up to perform death defying stunts. Every night crazy motorbike riders perform daring stunts inside a barrel known as ‘Tong Setan’, or ‘Devil’s Barrel’ and spectators queue to get into the arena to watch this terrifying show.

Female motorcycle riders are not very common in this part of northern Indonesia, and the carnival sideshow is often packed with spectators when the teenager performs.

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As a little girl Kamila was dreaming to become a musician, but her parents didn’t allow her to attend music school. She decided to leave home at the age of 16 and joined travelling carnival. Before she learned how to ride motorcycle she had worked as a ticket seller for a while. Gradually she mastered her riding skills with help of three embers of stunt team.

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In the two years since, Karmila has become the star of the Devil’s Barrel show, with the team saving her performance for the end of each night.

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She usually earns around $338-395 demonstrating her skill in the dangerous motordrome.

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Purba reaches for a tip from a spectator as she rides around the wall.

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